Consider Specialized Distribution Solutions a one stop shop for coordinating your event needs. The complexities that go in to planning every aspect of a concert or event tour can be overwhelming and logistical nightmare. We are here to help! At Specialized Distribution Solutions, we:

  • Coordinates equipment from one show to the next
  • Communicate with each venue
  • Hire Event Staff
  • Book Lodging

A tour can come to a crumbling halt if logistics are properly planned and executed. The effects can be catastrophic to revenue and even your reputation. Since selecting a transportation company for your concert or event tour is such a crucial piece to the overall success of the entire tour, don’t just pick any transportation company. With over 100 years in the transportation industry, a fleet of the latest trucks and trailers, and reliable, experienced drivers, there’s no reason to select anyone but Specialized Distribution Solutions for your next concert or event tour.