Medical Equipment / Medical Office Relocation

At Specialized Distribution Solutions, we understand that shipping medical equipment and medical office relocation requires the utmost care and attention. To ensure success, you need a professional, experienced team that understands the delicacy and specific needs of the equipment to be moved, and packaging that will ensure every item arrives safely, in the condition it left your facility.

When shipping, crating and packaging medical equipment, no project is exactly alike. We tailor every project to meet individual needs and requirements and offer custom crating, cushioning and packaging that protects against moisture. We can safely ship heavy, large, and unusually-shaped equipment, with an awareness of the fragility of many medical items, including those with lasers and breakable lenses.

Specialized Distribution Solutions provides shipping and transportation for an array of medical equipment including, but not limited to:

  • CT Scanners
  • Ultrasound Equipment
  • MRI Machines
  • Mammogram Systems
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • X-Ray Devices
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Fluoroscopy Equipment